Film + Foil Design

Non-self Healing ( Dependable & Long Working life Design )

Insist for meaningful
guarantee while procuring
any electrical commodity

No reduction in output (or no fall in Current) for
60 months. If any reduction is found, capacitor
should be replaced by the supplier at their
expense and the same guarantee should be
given from the date of replacement or refund

Measure capacitor current with the
help of Tong Tester / Ammeter
periodically (atleast once in two
months) and maintain its records.
(If any reduction in current / failure
of capacitor is noticed, please
protest to the supplier /
manufacturer immediately and ask
for either replacement or refund.)

Malde Power Capacitor

Check the Name Plate of failed capacitor - May find
Type as “SH-MPP”, May Conclude As Not suitable for
our voltage supply system and Ambient Temperature

Suitable for Our Ambient Temperature & Voltage Spikes in Our System .

It Can Bear Transient of Reasonable Amplitude .

Initiation of Partial discharge takes place at very low high voltage and it get extinguished Quickly if Imp regnant is SAS - 60 OIL Premixed  with 0.7 % Explode .

Reliable capacitor with extended lifespan for continuous operation

Capacitor Life
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